QUAISAR Platform

We leverage our QUAISAR platform to gain critical insights and engineer drug candidates that fit our desired target product profile (TPP). QUAISAR — QUantum, AI and Structure-Activity Relationships — employs computational physics and artificial intelligence alongside expertise in disease biology, chemistry, biophysics and translational informatics to accelerate the drug discovery process and improve the quality of chemical matter in our development projects.

QUAISAR combines molecular simulation, quantum physics, statistical thermodynamics, artificial intelligence and machine learning with dedicated high-performance computing (HPC) supercomputer infrastructure, purpose-built software and an in-house laboratory. We have developed the most precise force field and conformational modulation simulations in the industry to accurately reproduce the biological motions of proteins and small molecules. Our advanced toolkit and dedicated engineering team enable us to develop and deploy purpose-built software applications to overcome bottlenecks in the traditional drug discovery process.