At Psivant Therapeutics we have assembled a diverse team with extensive experience across disciplines ranging from physics and computer-aided drug design to chemistry and structural biology. This continuum of complementary experience is essential for driving our scientific vision and bringing innovative therapeutics to patients in need.

  • Portrait of Woody Sherman Portrait of Woody Sherman

    Woody Sherman, Ph.D.

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Portrait of Alex Liholips Portrait of Alex Liholips

    Alex Liholips

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Portrait of Ana Silveira Portrait of Ana Silveira

    Ana Silveira, Ph.D.

    Head of Molecular Simulations

  • Portrait of David Cerutti Portrait of David Cerutti

    David Cerutti, Ph.D.

    Scientific Engineer, High-Performance Computing

  • Portrait of Evan Chiswick Portrait of Evan Chiswick

    Evan Chiswick, Ph.D.

    Director, Biology

  • Portrait of Fabio Trovato Portrait of Fabio Trovato

    Fabio Trovato, Ph.D.

    Principal, Computational Biophysics

  • Portrait of Finith Jernigan Portrait of Finith Jernigan

    Finith Jernigan, Ph.D.

    Head of Molecular Design

  • Portrait of István Kolossváry Portrait of István Kolossváry

    István Kolossváry, Ph.D.

    Senior Fellow

  • Portrait of Kevin Huynh

    Kevin Huynh

    Senior Research Associate

  • Portrait of Lynn Grice Portrait of Lynn Grice

    Lynn Grice

    Executive Assistant

  • Portrait of Neil Swami

    Neil Swami

    SVP, Business Development

  • Portrait of Rafal Wiewiora Portrait of Rafal Wiewiora

    Rafal Wiewiora, Ph.D.

    Principal, Computational Biophysics

  • Portrait of Shiva Patel Portrait of Shiva Patel

    Shivam Patel, M.S.

    Head of Data Sciences and Machine Learning

  • Portrait of Thomas Schultz Portait of Thomas Schultz

    Thomas Schultz

    Senior Software Engineering Manager

  • Portrait of Todd Soltwedel Portrait of Todd Soltwedel

    Todd Soltwedel, M.S.

    Chemistry Lead

  • Portrait of Vishal Sindhava Portrait of Vishal Sindhava

    Vishal Sindhava, Ph.D.

    Director, Biology