Vision and Values

Our Vision

Accelerate drug discovery and create better therapeutics for patients through a computation-first molecular design paradigm that leverages best-in-class methods and technologies.

Our Values


Our ultimate goal at Psivant is to create better therapeutics for patients with unmet medical needs. We are constantly improving the drug discovery process by integrating advanced computational technologies to improve the probability that our therapeutic programs will progress from our labs to the clinic and to broader patient populations. We are driven to make meaningful improvements to the health of people around the world by designing better therapeutics, atom by atom.


We are committed to designing better therapeutics by integrating best-in-class predictive methods with laboratory expertise, which allows us to tackle previously intractable challenges. An unwavering pursuit of scientific advancement is at the heart of our approach, which enabled us to drug STING (stimulator of interferon genes) — a central regulator of the innate immune system and a previously intractable therapeutic target. Our determination and tenacity drive our team to break down barriers and do whatever it takes to bring our therapeutic programs to patients in need.  


Psivant has built a world-class team with diverse experience across disciplines ranging from the lab (biology, chemistry, biophysics, and structural biology) to the computer (physics, cheminformatics, machine learning, and data science). This continuum of complementary skills and thinking enables our team to overcome challenges that may appear insurmountable to an individual. Our determination to bring innovative therapeutics to patients motivates our team to think out of the box and figure out how complementary skills on the team can synergize to solve the biggest challenges in drug discovery. We have created a work environment and organizational structure where the team is far greater than the sum of the parts.


We encourage everyone at Psivant to share ideas and voice opinions openly as we test hypotheses and work as a team to find the best path forward in our therapeutic programs. We recognize that we are trying to solve some of the greatest challenges to improve human health and there will be moments when we don’t have all other information required to arrive at consensus – but we’re OK with that. We support each other to work through these challenges and make decisions to drive our drug discovery projects toward the clinic.


We fearlessly challenge conventional assumptions, with conviction that Psivant is advancing a paradigm shift in drug discovery. We relish our role as pioneers in a new class of drug hunters. Our computationally-driven insights about biological systems tightly coupled with expertise in the lab enables us to blaze new trails toward designing better therapeutic molecules and treating previously intractable diseases.


We are committed to receptivity and diversity in terms of people, ideas, cultures, and opinions. We strive to cross scientific boundaries by integrating synergistic disciplines including physics, chemistry, biology, data science, and software engineering. Openness to diverse ideas from all who wish to contribute keeps us at the forefront of innovation and maximizes our probability of solving hard problems. At Psivant, all ideas are welcome!